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Fire Alarm Monitoring

At C&M Fire Alarms we provide routine PPM at many sites that have a fire alarm system that is monitored using wireless technology such as radio, LAN or 4G signal. Fire Alarm Monitoring is ideal for care homes, hospitals and schools or commercial premises or businesses where there is a period the property or space […]

Fire Alarm Monitoring | C&M Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Monitoring from C&M Fire Alarms

Is your business safe from fire? Imagine your business when it is unoccupied, perhaps in the evening, or at a weekend. If a fire should start, who will call the Emergency Services? Perhaps the fire started within a neighbouring business which adjoins yours, and it grows, will anyone know? Did you know a large percentage […]

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Bringing Fire Safety to Horsham

Choose a system and company approved by industry experts C&M Fire Alarms has many accreditation’s, such as The Fire Industry Association (FIA) and BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment), so we understand how important it is not only to be regulated and compliant, but also to be recognised as experts in our field. This allows […]