London Victoria Station

London Victoria Station

  • Networked analogue addressable system
  • 1500 addressable alarm devices
  • 650 voice alarm speakers
  • Conventional sounders in staff areas
  • Call points
  • Smoke / heat detectors
  • Fire microphone for emergency use by fire brigade

The fire protection system at Victoria covers the entire concourse area, 19 platforms, all retail outlets & storage units, basement plant areas, and four floors of administrative offices.

In case of fire, the system will activate voice alarm messages, evacuation signals and exit route signage throughout all areas, and set up communication with systems in adjoining buildings. It will control lifts, stop escalators, turn off music systems in shops, shut down boilers and other plant, initiate sprinklers & pumps, activate backup power supplies, and open emergency exits.

Ken Marsh, Technical Director, C&M Fire Alarms Ltd

Posted in Fire Detection Systems, Voice Alarms.